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Clone High, honestly one of the best shows I've ever seen. It had it all! It had good structured charachters, it had a decent plot, it had funny and wit, it could seriously deliver some funny and pretty clever historical and just plain funny jokes. I miss it so. Then came MTV. Some big shot executives start to prey upon its best shows, killing them, and replacing them with horribly crappy reality TV shows. It was struck down in its so many others before it. This section of the site is here in rememberance of it. are some good ones:



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Episode Guide

  • Episode 1-Escape to Beer Mountain;A rope of sand:

    Its a new year at Clone High, and school is back in session. It may be a new year but the old is still there. Joan is still in love with Abe, and Abe is still Completely oblivious to the fact. Abe is still in "love" with Cleo and Cleo and JFK continue to date. JFK continues to cheat on Cleo with almost anybody and Gandhi is still buckled under the pressure of living up to the original Gandhi. When JFK throws a party, he doesnt invite Abe because Cleo may have taken an intrest in him, Gandhi is also uninvited by association. When Abe tells JFK that he'll bring the beer, he has no idea what he had got himself into...

  • Episode 2-Episode Two; Election Blu-Galoo:

    When Cleopatra learns she can't run for Student Body President due to term limits, she convinces JFK to run as her puppet. But when Abe sees that Cleo has a thing for leaders, he throws his stovepipe hat into the ring. The students of Clone High don't care about real issues, so Abe must resort to extreme marketing. He does so with the help of a corporate sponsor -- "X-Stream Blu," a mysterious new food product to which Gandhi becomes hopelessly addicted. Oh, that whimsical Gandhi. Scudworth gets himself mixed with "X-Stream Blu" "Money almost never runs out!" says Scudworth...Hmm? (Marylin Manson guest star's as a singing nutritionist)

    Episode 3-A.D.D; The last "D" is for Disorder:

    Gandhi is acting up in class again, and this time he is sent to principal Scuworth's office for a diagnosis. Mr.B comes to the conclusion that he has A.D.D and the news quickly spreads around the school. No one will go near Gandhi, for fear of catching this disease. A shocker ending at the Awareness Fair proves to them all that Gandhi is OK. Meanwhile, Scudworth tries to connect with the students better and make them love him like they love Mr.B by using Mr.B's "magic sweater-vest" works like magic!...Or does it...? (Guest star Tom Green plays himself)

  • Episode 4- Film Fest; Tears of a Clone:

    In the annual Clone High Film Festival, Abe pours his heart into a movie about a football-playing giraffe, Cleo stars in an epic about her own perfect life, Joan directs an avant-garde film declaring her love for Abe, and Gandhi teams up with George Washington Carver for a hilarious mixed-race action comedy, Black and Tan. Plus, Principal Scudworth panics when his bosses come over for dinner, but the loyal Mr. B keeps his cool. Butler-wise...will Scudworth make it out alive? Will things between Joan and Abe change forever?

  • Episode 5- Sleepy Driving; La Ru d'Awakening:

    It's PXJT/NMSQT season again, and Abe is losing sleep "studying" with his girlfriend Cleo. Joan is worried, about Abe, and is worried something bad will happen to him in result of him fatiuge...something as bad as what happened to her...? Gandhi, overwhelmed by the pressure of the PXJT/NMSQT, decides to ditch the test and become a trucker instead, and befriends a deranged creepy trucker. And Mr. Butlertron meets an old foe: a cocksure test-grading machine. (Scrubs' John C. McGinley guest stars as the creepy trucker.)

  • Episode 6- Homecoming: A Shot in D'Arc

    When Joan of Arc learns that the boys' basketball team doesn't allow girls or animals to play, she disguises herself as her male counterpart, "John Dark" and quickly and easily becomes the best player on the team. Which causes Abe, who is the captain (dammit, i'm the tallest!) of the team to become jealous, because Cleo is falling for "John". JFK, not noticing the handlebar moustache, hits on "John" and starts to worry about being gay. Meanwhile, Gandhi, with the help of Gengis Kahn steals "Geshie" their rivals, GESH's mascot. (ESPN's Chris Berman and Dan Patrick guest star as themselves.)

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