24 People Who Deserve to Burn

You know how some people are just so annoying you have to say something, like i always say, "They deserve to burn! Burn! Burn! Burn!" or "I hate them with the intensity of a thousand white hot suns!" Yes, I am a pyro by the way...But anyway this part of the site is just a compilation of all of those people out there that make people like me into the homocidal maniacs that we are...Heres to them, for keeping the world interesting! ;) (this is not the complete list)

  • 1. Anyone who has ever been in a boy/very annoying band (Had to condence this one)

  • 2. 50 Cent...(the name speaks for itself dont it?)

  • 3. Avril Lagvine
  • 4. Britney Spears (Please, Someone spear Britney...)

  • 5. Christina "X-tina" Aguleria (Whats with "Dirrty" is that a word?)

  • 6. Jennifer Love Hewitt (I cant explain this one, i just hate her)

  • 7. Freddie Prinze Jr (I will always have a soft spot in my heart after "Shes All That")

  • 8. Ricky Martin (You should have quit after Minudo went under...)

  • 9. Jessica Simpson (JUST LET IT DIE!)

  • 10. Anyone particularly annoying that you'd like to see here? Contact Me on the Contacts page!

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