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Well, as you smart smart people can see, this is the music page, and you also probably know that some music is just a freaking waste of time to listen to...SO, I'm here to prevent you from listening to any crap...I assure you that any music that you see on here will probably not suck....unless I say it does. But before you continue on,


  • Kazaa, I personally prefer this to

  • Morpheus, but its good too.



    I love Weezer! They have the whole geek rock thing going on. Their music is really good, kind of a beach-y sound to it. They're definitely on the softer side of the rock spectrum but they still rock!

    Some of my favourite songs by them are:

    El Scorcho

    Dope Nose

    My Name is Jonas

    Albums: Weezer(1994) Pinkerton(1996) The Green Album(2001) Maladroit(2002)

    Lyrics/Song List: Weezer

    Lyrics/Song List: Pinkerton

    Lyrics/song List: The Green Album

    Lyrics/Song List: Maladroit

    Official Weezer Site



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