This page is the part of my page deticated to bands i love! There are a helluva lot so take a bathroom break now...Oh and if you havent already downloaded Kazaa, go to and do it now...*this is still a work in progress*

  • Weezer- They kick some songs...interesting image...over all a kick ass band ;)If you dont know who they are then download the song "My Name is Jonas" non-acoustic cuz acoustic sucks big time....

    Albums: Weezer(1994) Pinkerton(1996) The Green Album(2001) Maladroit(2002)

    Lyrics/Song List: Weezer

    Lyrics/Song List: Pinkerton

    Lyrics/song List: The Green Album

    Lyrics/Song List: Maladroit

  • Goldfinger- They might be british/european i really couldnt tell ya, but theyre really cool, they did a better-than-original version of "99 Red Balloons" by Nena and they have 7 albums of songs they wrote themselves. If you havent already checked these guys out... download either "Up the Junction" or "99 Red Balloons"....

    Albums: Richter(1995) Goldfinger(1996) Hang Ups(1997) Darrin's Coconut Ass(1999) Stomping Ground(2000) Foot in Mouth(2001) Open Your Eyes(2002)

    Lyrics/Song Lists: All

  • Reel Big Fish- They have a ska-esque mixed with a little "Mighty Mighty Bosstones" sound. Most of their music is pretty fast but a couple are on the slow side. They do a great cover of "Take on Me" by Aha, and have umm....4? or maybe 5? albums of their own...not sure though so dont quote me on that one...If you wanna check these guys out download "Trendy" (i love that song)

    Albums: Everything Sucks(1995) Turn the Radio Off(1996) Why Do They Rock So Hard?(1998) Cheer Up!(2002)

    Lyrics/Song Lists: All

  • Guttermouth- These guys are cool! I love there cover of "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors. Its my ringtone...they have a deep rooted punk sound. "The KKK took my baby away" is one of my favourites.

    Albums: 11OZ. (1993) Friendly People(1994) Teri Yakimoto(1996) The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP(1996) Musical Monkey(1997) Gorgeous(1999) Covered With Ants(2001) Gusto(2002)

    Lyrics/Song Lists: All

  • Abandoned Pools- A little softer than what I usually listen to, but I really love their sound. The lyrics are great. They did the theme song for "Clone High" and my favourite song by them would have to be either "The Remedy" or "Start Over".

    Albums: Humanistic(2002)

    Lyrics/Song Lists: Humanistic

  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Ive listened to this band since I was about 7...They TOTALLY got their sound ripped off by Reel Big Fish, but I guess that happens when youre as good as these guys. If you want to check these guys out, download "The Rascal King" or "Royal Oil", those are my favourites.

    Albums: Devil's Nite Out(1990) More Noise And Other Disturbances(1990) Don't Know How To Party(1993) Question The Answers(1994) Lets Face It(1997) Pay Attention(2000) A Jackknife To A Swan(2002)

    Lyrics/Song Lists: All

    Agent Felix- One of my friends turned me on to this band, theyre songs have good lyrics and their sound is cool. I love the lead singer's voice. Check out their cover of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot or "Sad Eyed Goodbyes" if you havent already.

    Albums: When Pigs Fly(2002)

    Lyrics/Song Lists: When Pigs Fly

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